Omega & webinterface updates

Over the last couple of months, I worked on a complete overhaul of the Omega tool and corresponding web interface and it's now finally ready for public testing.
This being said, the new CFTools Control Panel is available at


- [Skip after OmegaX was shut down] Go to the dashboard of your current servers (, switch to the Service tab and click on stop tool
- Go to
- Click on General information and click on activate service and deploy afterwards
- Open the "Configuration" page
- Configure your service instance to your liking (Dont forget to save)

The service instance will come up immediatly after.

- Game specific features eg. Killfeed for DayZ etc. will only be configurable after the tool connected to your server once and retrieves the running game

Additional information

- Due to enormous database restructuring, the configuration of the tool itself will not be compatible with the new version and needs to be re-configured
- The new interface requires a OmegaManager compatibility update which will not be released at this point, so some features will not be available at this time
- Stats will be wiped

OmegaManager compatibility update v1.8.0001

Download: OmegaManager.exe

- This update is NOT being automatically installed or downloaded
- This update is NOT compatible with the legacy OmegaX interface

To update, you just have to replace the old executable with the new one.

Configuration deadline

All services which were not reconfigured until 31.08.2019 will not connect to your servers and effectively stop working until properly configured

Log policy changes

Currently, all logs are being kept for 31 days and deleted afterwards. Due to the nature of certain log types (primarily hit & kill events), they make up a large percentage of the saved log data.
To allow for better searching, categorizing and management logs will be split up into 3 categories:
  • Server
  • Audit
  • RCon
Server logs consist of joins, leaves, chat messages etc.
The audit trail contains all service and player related operations like updating configurations or kicking players
And lastly, the RCon log contains all RCon messages, logins, kick confirmations and BattlEye announcements

Each category has individual expiry dates:
Server: 31 days
Audit: Never
RCon: 7 days

Hit logs will be also wiped after 7 days


All play sessions are now archived specially and contain all information with absolute and relative dates about what happened in a certain session.
This session information will be accessible and downloadable soon.
Game sessions are being kept for 31 days

Server event heatmap

The new web interface update offers a live heatmap of events happening on the server. Currently, the only map being supported is chernarusplus
New maps can be requested via an official feature request.
Though please keep in mind, that only readily used maps can be supported

Further game compatibility (work in progress)

ArmA 3 is now supported as well. Everything currently working is also available for it excluding features targeting in-game missions.

Announcements/Upcoming changes

Sometime in Q4 2019, there will be an entirely new version of the OmegaManager, which will completely overhaul the application, improve usability and functionality
Additionally, the manager will be rebranded and re-named (TBD)

To top it off there will be a standalone status page, blog/changelog system and a wiki so that information is once again centralized.


Every new feature addition brings new terms and sentences which require translation. Currently, those translations are up to members of the community as I can only provide sufficient translation in German and English.
As this is a community but also a maintainability aspect I can only support languages which are heavily used.

At this point I would like to thank the persons who have translated the Network interface:
- Lagtek (French)
- Scream (Russian)